10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

We use a lot of tools and materials in our kitchens and bathrooms. Cabinets often overflow because of the sheer amount of stuff they contain. Keep things clean and organized by adding storage options in these areas of the house. You need to be creative since there is generally little floor space to spare. Maximize the walls whenever possible and let various items pull double duty. We spoke to the designers at SF Renovations Geelong who provided 10 unique storage ideas:

1. Door Hooks

Place hooks on bathroom doors so that you can have your used clothes, bathrobe, and towel while taking a shower. There are options that slide over the top of the door and others that you can screw to a lower height for easy reach. Pick a material and design that goes well with the interiors.

2. High Shelves

If you have a high ceiling, then there is considerable space between it and the top of the door. You can place a high shelf to maximize this part of the room. In fact, you can create a storage area that goes all the way around the perimeter. Store rarely used items here such as seasonal décor and excess toiletries.

3. Bar Cart

If you have a bar cart that you no longer use, then take this inside and make it a portable storage unit for either the bathroom or the kitchen. You might use this to hold your cleaning tools and supplies. Move it around the house from room to room during your weekend cleaning routine.

4. Lazy Susan

L-shaped cabinets can be tricky to use. The items on the corner are hard to reach and are often forgotten. Some might not even place items there at all. One way to make things better is to install a Lazy Susan which is a tray that can spin around to make items at the back move to the front with ease.

5. Under Sink Baskets

The area under the sink would be a waste if it remained empty. Consider placing baskets that contain towels and other bathroom essentials here. Cleaning solutions may also be stored here. You can use plastic containers if worried about leaks. Some make this their designated spot for small garbage bins.

6. Cabinet Door Caddies

Cabinet doors can do so much more than to hide the contents of a storage unit. You may attach hooks or caddies behind the door and place lightweight items in them. In the kitchen, these might be great for spice racks, kitchen tools, paper towels, and so on.

7. Hanging Shelves/Baskets

If there is no empty floor space, then go up and install hanging shelves or baskets. You can purchase L-shaped metal brackets with one side attaching to the wall and the other side holding a long wooden plank. Put as many layers as the vertical space allows.

8. Mirror Storage

You can install a sink mirror or a full body mirror that opens up to reveal a storage unit behind it. This is typically thin so it’s only good for items like toothbrushes, shaving blades, medicine, make up tool, eyeglasses, and the like. Some might use this as their jewelry and accessories storage as well.  

9. Magnetic Bars

Metallic items can be organized through magnetic bars. Just install a strip of metal with a magnet behind it. This can hold nail clippers, tweezers, shavers, and similar tools in the bathroom. Make your own or buy something off the shelf with a nice design.

10. Breakfast Bar

If you like to eat in the kitchen, then consider using a breakfast bar instead of a full table. You can sit in stools that can be hidden underneath the bar when not in use. This saves space and looks much cleaner than regular chairs with protruding backrests.

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