4 Reasons an Extra Bathroom Is Important for Every Home 

More than a third of newly constructed homes in 2018 featured three bathrooms or more, according to a construction survey from the US Census Bureau. The same study notes that 37 percent of the homes sold that same year had bathrooms corresponding to the number above.

It is safe to say that having an extra bathroom in the house is becoming more of a need rather than an option. The addition won’t have to compete with the existing square footage, which has been on a decline since 2013, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). One can install a toilet and a sink in an unused space in the house.

If you are considering an additional full bathroom or half bathroom, here are some points in favor of the project.

Growing or Multigenerational Family 

Notwithstanding the trend above, homes typically have a bathroom or two: one in the hallway and the other connected to the master bedroom. The en suite bathroom suits a couple, and kids can use the hallway bath. As the family grows, the need for more space for personal hygiene and relief also follows.

Moreover, some adults today prefer to stay than to move out of their parents’ homes. Under multigenerational households, parents, their children, as well as grandparents and grandchildren, can live together. With older people in the house, it is more convenient for them to have access to a bathroom downstairs or wherever their bedroom is located.

Convenience and Practicality

The point about aging folks with accessible bath and toilet facilities near them is one. If you like entertaining guests, have people over in the house frequently, or have relatives staying often, an extra bathroom is also ideal.

Letting guests use the bathroom in one of your private quarters is a hassle and means extra cleaning time. You can lead them to the guest room or where the additional toilet is located. Because this room is reserved for visitors, you can design it to be all-purpose so it’s painless to clean and maintain.

Maximization of Home Space

An extra bathroom doesn’t have to involve constructing another room. You can turn to pockets in your house with little to no activity (except for storage) as the site for your new toilet and shower.

If you are leaning toward a small budget without sacrificing functionality and efficiency, consider the use of upflush toilets. They require no construction or custom equipment, which makes the process considerably less costly and more straightforward. Your plumbing skills will also come in handy to install the toilet and connect the drains from the sink to it.   

Value-Added Venture

The bathroom or kitchen has long been the center of homeowners’ efforts to add value to their property. These improvements play a significant role in the house’s market value. While you are not guaranteed to recoup the cost down to the last cent, you can reasonably expect to recover at least half of the money spent.

Not all bathrooms are equal. Full baths are more attractive than their half counterparts, although you can have a mix of two full baths and one half. Buyers and sellers all want basic amenities like showers, tubs, and toilets. In creating the bathroom, think of comfort and convenience of the users above all else. 

If there’s a welcome addition to the house, it is always an extra bathroom. A family of five can freely do their day-to-day affairs without fear of interruption from someone in a rush to take care of his or her business. Each member can have a much-needed soak after a long day of work or school. 

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