8 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Interior designers have a plethora of methods to revolutionize the inside of your home. However, there is one simple method lots of us tend to forget – decluttering! Creating extra space not only provides a cleaner look; it also gives you the room to add in what works best for the overall look.

There are areas not all of us utilize properly within our home, and if done right, you can declutter and organize all at once. It is important to not only get things packed away but also maintain functionality, and access for the future. Simply throwing things into an extra room will not cut it since trying to find things and access them will be a nightmare when you need it.

So here are some simple DIY methods for decluttering that you can execute yourself to kickstart the interior design of your home.

Affordable Storage Options

Trundles are a great addition to the bedroom if you have an elevated bed. If you are not familiar with trundles, they are simply a large drawer with wheels you can slide under a bed. This is great for anyone’s room if you have the slot for it, and they can be purchased at extremely affordable prices from most local furniture stores. There are also options for each size of the bed of course. This way you can throw in extra blankets, pillows, and even clothes in them. Keeping them out of sight, all while maintaining easy access. For kids’ rooms, they are extremely popular for storing toys and books as well.

Wall Shelves are another simple yet effective solution for almost any room. These can be installed with minimal effort and a handful of screws. Available at most hardware and furniture stores, there are a variety of options available so you can match the color, and style to your room as well. In most cases, people tend to use wall shelves for movies, books, planters, candles, and so much more. There is however, one simple trick you may not know. Go the extra mile to install a simple curtain rod above or below wall shelves in order to hide clutter, or just add extra color to a room.

Verticle Plastic Bins are a savior for everyone looking to organize and store extra belongings as well. Plastic bins are cheap, versatile, and available in an array of different colors. Whether you want to use these in a storage closet to simply organize some junk, put them in a kid’s room for toys, or put beside a tv for extra movies and games. These bins will make your life easier in almost any room.  

Storage Ottomans are a great addition to a living room if you are finding too much clutter in there. They make regular ottomans nearly obsolete since they utilize that space more effectively. The only downside is that they tend to be larger in size than regular ottomans. If you have the room, however, these are a great way to store extra blankets and pillows for when you want to get comfy on movie night!

Moderately Priced Decluttering

Installing Extra Cabinets will add an incredible amount of storage for the kitchen and dining room. Utilizing this space for not only dishes, utensils, and containers is also advantageous for decluttering. For example, using an easily accessible cabinet near an entrance to the kitchen for a first aid kit, basic tools, and even an ironing board will help get rid of some extra clutter, all while maintaining easy access and functionality within your home. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most affordable solution for decluttering, so refer to the above solutions if this doesn’t suit you.

Storage Units are like a second home for extra junk. Decluttering is extremely easy if you can afford the monthly fee of even a small storage unit. We recommend you use this for items you don’t usually need access to on a regular basis of course. However, storing the items properly with easy channels for access and having them well organized. This will make sure you don’t run into any headaches when you need to fetch something from your storage unit.

Free Decluttering Solutions

Garage Sales are a fantastic way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore. Most importantly, you will be making money in return! So take a personal inventory of what you need and don’t need, and start selling it to those who may need it. Yes, this will require some leg work and maybe a few days of monitoring and managing the process, but you will thank yourself after once you have all that free space and extra money.

Donating your unwanted items is also a much easier way of just getting rid of things that won’t cost you a cent. This will additionally help those in need and gain you some karma points as well. Simply look up what local charities or donation centers are near you and pick what you would like to support the most. Helping your fellow citizens in need while also clearing up your home is a two-for-one solution that makes everyone happy!

In conclusion

As you can see there are quite a few options available for you if you are needing to declutter your home. Depending on how much you are willing to spend or how much leg work you want to put in, you can get rid of clutter and organize your home in a variety of extremely easy ways. This helps clean your home and maintain an organizational function that makes your life easier. Now once you have everything cleared up, you can start looking into more advanced methods of interior design with all that extra space now available to you.

This article was written by Lyren Nadeau, a content writer for Strongwood Construction. Strongwood specializes in home renovations and interior design. Located in Medicine Hat, they have been helping hundreds of families turn their houses into their dream homes. For some additional interesting reads, visit their blog today.

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