Amazing Bathroom Design Ideas

When it comes to interior decorating, the bathroom is often overlooked, and it’s a shame when you really think about how much time we spend in there. Getting ready to start the day, putting in a little extra effort in front of the mirror before a big date, and relaxing in a bath after work. Your bathroom is as important as any other room and deserves to look amazing.

Start With The Floor

Interior designers know that the perfect room starts with the perfect floor. If you are renting, or you have a smaller budget, your design options are going to be extremely limited. If that’s the case, your focus should be on picking a beautiful bath rug. For those homeowners with a larger budget, you can consider upgrading from your existing flooring to painted floorboards with a checkerboard design. Luxury homeowners can take their bathroom floors to the highest levels with dark stone or marble flooring.

Choosing Colors for Bathrooms

The right colors for your bathroom decor depend on the feel you are looking to achieve. What do you want people to feel when they walk in to your bathroom? A luxury feel can be achieved with black and gold used generously around the room. A fun bathroom incorporates lots of pastel colors, a retro vanity, and artwork hung on the walls. For the most relaxing bathroom experience, consider taking design inspiration from the wild west, with a deep soaker tub, natural brown wood paneling and large unpainted wooden door.

Bathroom Mirror Options

For the bravest home decorators, bathroom mirrors have become optional, but for the rest of us, choosing the right bathroom mirror is an important task. It’s easy to choose a simple classic rectangular mirror design, but other options include large circular mirrors with oversized decorative frames. For small bathrooms, form and function are best achieved through mirrors that have shelving built into them, perfect for removing clutter from around the sink. If you have an all-white bathroom, a bold black frame around your mirror can help the rest of the room really pop.

Even if you can’t afford to upgrade your entire bathroom, you can still enjoy the benefits of a stylish room decorated to meet your tastes. Swap out hardware such as taps and handles. Making small investments in interior design can make a major difference. Don’t be afraid to ask your landlord for permission to paint if you are a renter, many landlords are even willing to buy the materials if you are willing to do the hard-work. It’s your home and you deserve a bathroom you can be proud of.

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