Bedroom Paint Color Ideas – What’s Your Color?

Colors have the power to affect your mood, ever noticed? When considering painting a bedroom, choosing the right color plays a crucial role in how you’d feel.

The concept of color psychology was introduced by a very famous psychologist – Carl Jung. Essentially, Carl had a keen interest in colors, its properties, and meanings. He firmly believed that art and colors could be potential tools for psychotherapy.

Though there are listed guidelines readily available on the best colors for bedrooms, every individual is entitled to have their own choices and preferences. It is highly possible that you like a different color that possesses the qualities that you long for in life. It’s time to park the traditional rules and opt for colors that make you feel good.

Bedroom Painting Ideas

Painting your bedroom is a cost-effective method of personalizing your bedroom style. In order to maximize your bedroom paint design, it is a good idea to paint more than just the walls. Consider painting everything, starting from walls to the ceiling and everything in the middle.

Wall Molding

Adding square and rectangle wall moldings to the wall can add depth to the room. Of course, before the painting is done. Wall moldings effectively add a one of a kind, dimensional look to the bedroom. You can also choose to paint different colors on each molding for contrast.

Patterns and Stripes

Patterns and Stripes are great for adding a dramatic effect to the room. The stripes and patterns don’t really have to be symmetric and uniform. It would still look fabulous even if the stripes are horizontal or made in a pattern.

Metallic Wall Paint

Metallic is great if your room has low or no natural light. This shade tends to add a warm sheen to the walls. Metallic colors are available in a wide range. The wall in the picture below is an example of how warm your room can be with metallic paint.

Paint the Ceiling

Having your bedroom ceiling painted can create an interesting visual effect. If you are looking for a bolder look, consider painting your bed’s headboard wall as a line going all the way up to the ceiling giving the room a canopy feel. Adding stripes to the roof also offers a great visual appeal.

Lighting Effect

A wall dimmer switch is one DIY product that can make a significant impact on your bedroom. Dimmers are not very expensive; on the contrary, they are incredibly affordable, and they can help you create the right lighting to enhance your mood.

It is always a good idea to have the option to dim or brighten the room as per your mood and work best if your bedroom walls are painted with bold colors.

What Does Your Bedroom Color Say About You?

Below is a list of colors for you to choose from. Once you have picked your favorite color, we will see what your hue says about you and your personality.


Is your choice of color grey? Here’s what this says about you – you like minimal design yet, the latest tech gadgets. You are primarily a hardworking person, and your bedroom is more like a pod where you want to recharge your batteries.

As luck would have it, grey is not only a contemporary paint color but also has the properties to soothe you down.


Is your choice of the color yellow? Here’s what this says about you – You are a perfectionist and a visionary. You are business-oriented and are also highly intellectual. Your charisma makes your employees or coworkers feel comfortable and relaxed around you.

Choosing the color yellow essentially indicates that you need to take out more time to think, innovate, and relax.

Are you unsure about painting the entire room yellow? Here is what you can do:

Paint one wall yellow instead of the whole room
Consider painting the room gold to create a luxurious look
Using yellow color as an accent paint can be great


Is your choice of color Orange? Here’s what this says about you – You are incredibly social and fearless, adventurous, and enthusiastic. Orange is considered to be one of the top choices for contemporary design. If the color orange tempts you, it’s time to add some more fun to your life.


The color blue comes in a number of tones. People who are fond of the color blue have something in common, i.e., the need for peace and harmony. Blue is the color of royals, and people who like blue tend to make and keep friends for life.

Individuals who are fond of this color prefer clean and organized spaces, which means it’s not just the walls you’ve got to paint but also some storage to get organized to feel more comfortable and happy.


Is your choice of color Mocha? Here’s what this says about you – You are a grounded and a down to earth individual. Honesty, reliable, and confident are just a few of the many adjectives that define you. It is the simple things in life that you cherish. Decorating your home is fun for you.

Is Green your color? Having a liking for the color green indicates that you are easy going and get along well with everyone around you. You are likable and relaxed. Green endorses several tones, and all of them have properties to create a soothing environment.

If you feel a little cluttered lately, Green is a great color to create a calm and soothing environment in your bedroom.

Final Words

As Car Jung explains, using color therapy is as easy as painting your bedroom wall. If bold colors are your choice, and you want to ease things up, consider taking baby steps. Start by painting one wall, adding stripes and patterns to it, and using your accent color. So what is your personality color?

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