Bespoke Storage Solutions for Your Home

Bespoke storage solutions can transform the appearance of any room while providing you with that all-essential storage space. Whether your property has limited space or an unconventional layout, bespoke storage solutions offer a way to maximize available space, adding a tidy and stylish look to your rooms.

Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture shares top tips on making the space in your home work hard with bespoke storage solutions:

1. Plan ahead

If you’re in the development stages of building your home, plan ahead for the different types of storage you require. A little pre-planning and careful consideration of your home’s layout can go a long way. Consider asking a fitted furniture specialist for their professional opinion on maximizing space before building work starts.

2. Build storage space in the walls

If you’re renovating your home, think about utilizing redundant space by building storage space into the walls. Cubbyholes in bathrooms create space for toiletries without compromising space for the bath, shower or sink. Sliding kitchen cupboards can hold utensils or food before slotting back in line with your units providing a great storage solution.

3. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving

Floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboard space make the most of every last bit of space in your home while maximizing storage space. Use pullout cabinetry and deep drawers and shelves to utilize the depth in full. These built-in solutions maximize floor space and are especially useful for awkward angled layouts.

4. Convert your loft

Why not convert your loft into another room for extra storage space. Use the full height walls of the room to build wardrobes, placing drawers and shelves in the lower parts of the room under eaves. Use the low eaves space under the roof to build drawers and cupboards between rafters, it’s a fantastic way to use space that would otherwise go unused.

Preplanning your home’s interior design will ensure space and storage is maximized. Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture designs clever storage solutions that maximize the use of space, providing generous, clutter-free interior.

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