Five Questions To Ask While Choosing A Coffee Table

Coffee tables are typically the second piece of furniture you think of right after a couch. Even so, your coffee table might be the most important piece in your room as it typically becomes the centerpiece that ties every other piece of furniture together. The team at has compiled a list of the 5 most important questions to ask when sifting through the never-ending list of coffee table options.

1: What is the style of my room?

What do contemporary, traditional, minimalist, transitional, rustic, farmhouse, chic, coastal, bohemian, and industrial all have in common? They’re just a handful of the endless types of interior design styles available today. With so many different types of styles, it can be difficult to find pieces of furniture to match. With that said, it’s important to choose a style, or a blend of styles, when choosing your coffee table. For example, a contemporary coffee table could fit in a traditional style room if used as an accent piece or could be the center of attention in a modern style room. When choosing a coffee table, it helps narrow down your options when you have a specific style in mind as a guideline.

2: What type of material do I want?

This question comes second because the material of your coffee table needs to fit in with the style of your room. A wood coffee table will look better in some styles than others. Coffee tables can come in just about any material like wood, marble, glass, or metal so choose one that best suits your needs. If you move the table around often, choose a lightweight material. If you have children, you may want a material that can handle scratches. The durability, look, and weight are all key factors when choosing a coffee table.

3: Ok so you’ve decided on style and material, but what about shape?

As you likely know from visiting one showroom or any online furniture store, coffee tables come in many shapes. When choosing a shape, keep in mind the things like seating arrangement and the size of your room. In general, a rectangular coffee table or an oval coffee table work well in smaller rooms. Square coffee tables or round coffee tables work well for larger seating arrangements. Round coffee tables and oval coffee tables have the added benefit of lacking sharp corners which make them a popular choice with small children around.

4: You’ve gotten the bigger choices out of the way, now it’s time to ask yourself, what size is right for my room?

With the couch being the star of the show, your coffee table should be smaller. Interior designers say that a good rule of thumb is to have your coffee table no more than two-thirds the couch’s width. Additionally, you want your coffee table to be the same height or a little lower than the couch’s seat. The key is to measure everything so that you can be sure your coffee table will look great.

5: Last question…do you need added functionality?

The level of functionality your coffee tables offer completely depends on how you intend to use it. The standard coffee table will have a flat surface top and a sturdy base but there are other add-ons to consider. You can choose a coffee table with storage in the form of shelves or drawers. Some coffee tables have surfaces that can be raised for working or eating. Some coffee tables have wheels to move them around with ease. Some coffee tables even come as pairs that can be split up when needed.

Now that you’ve considered these important questions about your future coffee table, you’re ready to narrow down your choices and take home your room’s new centerpiece.

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