Four Benefits Of Getting A Bunk Bed For Your Kid

Using a bunk bed in your kid’s bedroom is a smart design choice. With limitless style options, it’s easy to find a bunk bed that goes with any style of decor.

Bunk beds are fun so kids naturally love them. Pair that with the fact that bunk beds create extra space in the room and you have a dream match. Choosing a bunk bed that your kid loves and fits your needs is an adventure in itself. You can spend hours together finding one that is both fun and functional.

To help you make the choice between a bunk bed or a regular bed, we have compiled the top four benefits of using a bunk bed.

1: Saving Space

The top reason to get a bunk bed is to save space in your kid’s room. By elevating the top twin bed, you can put just about anything under it. The most common type of bunk bed has a second bed as the bottom bunk giving you two beds in the space of one. You also have the option to have storage or a desk or even open play space as the bottom bunk. There are bunk beds for every need.

2: A Built-In Guest Bed

Whether it’s sleepovers or in-laws, the bottom bunk is the perfect bed for guests without needing to create an entirely separate guest room. Some bunk beds for kids even include a trundle bed thus creating three beds in the space of one. When no one is in the bottom bunk, you can easily add some sofa cushions to turn it into a nice spot to hangout.

3: Fun & Bonding

Having a bunk bed means that your kids can share a room without giving up any space for play time. Bunk beds are ideal for kids who share a room. An added bonus is that bunk beds can get incorporated into play time and can be imagined as pirate ships and space ships. Kids typically find bed time more fun when they get to climb up to their bunk too.

4: Budget Friendly

Bunk beds come in many varieties but start at an affordable price point. At Home Shopping Malls, you can get a bunk beds for kids for as low as $200. With their space saving ability and low price point, bunk beds are easily the most economic bed option.

While these are our top reasons to get a bunk bed, there are many more. We are always looking for feedback so feel free to comment below with some reasons you love bunk beds!

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