How to create a warm welcoming ambience in your home

Your home is a space for you to switch off from the outside world. A place where you can forget your stresses of the day and recharge your batteries. Therefore, you want to create an atmosphere which helps you to relax and feel the most comfortable. The following tips can easily transform your home into an idyllic space and help you create that peaceful and relaxing ambience.


If your space is untidy or there are lots of items out on display, this can quickly create a sense of disorganization and stress.  Fortunately, there are lots of easy and achievable steps you can take to tackle this issue. Try investing in items such as drawer dividers, a basket to keep magazines and papers in (this can become an aesthetic feature of your room) or a wall-mounted key rack to hang on spare wall space.

A tidier home will automatically make you feel calmer and relaxed. To understand more about the power of organization and tidying, have a look at this article.  As you clear out the clutter, you will probably find there is a lot of stuff you want to get rid of! Those items can find a great home somewhere else where they will be useful and cherished. You can donate them to your local charity, sell them at a flea market, or even sell them online – it’s also great for the environment!


The lighting choices you make in each room are one of the most important keys to creating ambience. This is particularly important in the evening, as you don’t have the pleasure of natural light. When relaxing in your living room or bedroom you may not want the brightness of a full ceiling light, so instead opt for a floor or table lamp. Artcraft Lighting offers a beautiful selection of floor and table lamps that are sure to be the main feature of the room. Also, placing table lamps on furnishings such as bedside tables or bookcases is a simple way to achieve that relaxing ambience-feel.

Bulbs may not be the most exciting part of choosing new lighting, but it is incredibly important for creating the desired mood. Dimmable bulbs allow you to take charge of the atmosphere you wish to create. For example, if you are reading you can select the brightest setting and then simply dim the light for an evening in front of the TV. This enables you to create many moods from just one light fixture.


The mood created from lighting is complimented by your wall color choices. Next time you are repainting the rooms in your home, stop to think about lighting. I would recommend switching many colors on your wall to observe how the light hits the colors at different times of the day – with both natural and artificial light. If you are unsure how to do this effectively, then this article is a great starting point. Remember, dark colors are proven to help you relax, so they are often a splendid choice for the rooms you tend to wind down in.  


I’m sure we can all agree there is nothing quite like a beautifully scented home. Yes, the scent of your freshly cooked dinner is great when you are hungry, but you don’t want it to linger for too long. Introducing candles into a room can create a spa-like feeling, leading to a sense of relaxation and serenity. Candles are also an alternative source of light, perfect to compliment a dimmed table or floor lamp.

Simply by following the tips in this article you can create a warm welcoming ambience in your home that will allow you to shut out the world and bathe in the comfort and security of your home.

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