5 Amazing Living Room Design Ideas with the Barcelona Style Sofa

The living room is the most important part of the house and its layout has to be absolutely right. The furniture plays an important role in creating the overall ambiance of the space, which is where why the Barcelona style sofa is the perfect choice. It’s very sleek, sophisticated, simple, and brimming with an elegance that can imbue your living rooms with a lot of personality. Here are 5 awesome layout ideas that you can take inspiration from:

1. Side and side

Living room

This image shows a pretty great layout idea that can be implemented in large spaces – especially open floor living room plans. The two Barcelona style sofas arranged in an L shaped formation look extremely elegant. Coupled with the neutral backdrop and earthy color scheme, the black color of the sofa stands out amidst the entire ambiance. Even the coffee and side tables have been carefully chosen to elevate the presence of the sofa. The matching chair and ottoman provide some much needed contrast to the whole set-up.


2. For the minimalists

Minimalistic Living Room

The Barcelona style sofa was designed at the peak oft he modernist movement. As such, it has a very minimal and clean design. You can easily set it up in a living room that is extremely basic. Just take a look at this image. It is just the presence and contrasting color of the sofa that emulates the whole space with charisma. The black on white designing feels extremely interesting without feeling overbearing at all.


3. Understated and small-style

Small Living Room

The great thing about the Barcelona style sofa is that it is very versatile in both size and aesthetics. Therefore, you can easily set it up in a number of small-style living rooms – such as the one featured in this image. Paired with the Moroccan rug, the classy accompanying furniture and lots of natural light, the sofa effuses the set up with the utmost sophistication without compromising its homeliness.


4. Plush and luxurious

Luxurious Living Room

You do not always have to pick a classical or traditional style theme when you want to effuse your spaces with a plush vibe.Take this modern living room as an example. The Barcelona style sofas immediately effuse it with a gorgeous stately appeal that is enhanced two-fold by the vintage-contemporary coffee table. The chrome base of these sofas looks absolutely gorgeous and is the modern version of ornate.


5. Views by the terrace

Balcony View

If your living room has got a terrace and you want to enjoy outside views from it, then this particular idea would be a great inspiration for you. The terrace has been enclosed with a sophisticated glass and chrome railing that imbues the surroundings with a modern vibe. But the placement of the Barcelona style sofa by the edge takes the whole set up to an entirely different level. Coupled with the stylish brass table, the whole thing looks extremely stunning.

We hope that some of these layouts help inspire you to set up your own with the Barcelona style sofa. You can keep experimenting with the layout until you come up with something that satisfies you.

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