5 Types of Home Decor Style

Scandi, mid-century modern, elegant country, retro, minimalist, contemporary… what do all these terms mean? 

If you’re new to the world of design these names might sound a little unfamiliar to you but you’re likely to have heard them often. We’re here to help with our mini-glossary of home decor styles.

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Contemporary style is dedicated to clean, sleek, and modern touches which highlight lines and architectural details. In terms of color, a wide palette may be used but monochromatic schemes are also favored.

Elegant Country

Think of your grandmother’s kitchen in the countryside. Remember the little details like the hen and rooster salt-n-pepper shakers and the floral curtains? Elegant country builds upon the traditional country décor style by elevating it and making it more modern. The result is still warm and homely but with a touch of lux as well.

Unique decor pieces are at home in spaces with elegant country style. Here, you can incorporate personal effects, such as heirloom, collector’s items, and handicrafts, to lend more warmth and charm to your elegant country home.


Minimalism is all about living surrounded by less. As a design style, it is epitomized by clean, clear and fresh spaces free from clutter and unnecessary possessions. The color palette varies according to taste but whites and soft greys and very popular.

Mid-Century Modern 

Mid-Century décor has been increasingly popular in the last few years and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Although the term may sound a bit paradoxical, it’s all about taking those once modernist designs from the mid-20th century and updating them to be fresh and mod once again. Think sweeping curves on sideboards, funky buttons and prints, and colors that almost clash but don’t when handled with care.


Short for ‘Scandinavian’, scandi style is the perfect amalgam of retro-rustic chic and homely comfort. Inspired by concepts such as functionality and minimalism, this style is characterized by whitewashed floor boards, big swathes of white walls, rustic-looking wood furniture, and pops of bronze and brass metalwork.

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