6 Vintage Bathroom Designs Which Are Trending

In case you love everything vintage, ensure the fact that the bathroom is in keeping with the rest of your house by implementing the best vintage bathroom designs. Among the most famous trends of the previous decade which just continues to grow, vintage style is simple to create, however it does have to be well-executed. From sumptuous furnishings to majestic claw-foot tubs, the traditional bathroom facilities from the past decades, or even the centuries, are the preferred choices of contemporary house owners as well as are making the comeback in the residential bathrooms across the country.

Pick the vintage bathroom style of your choice i.e., paired-back neutral along with scruffy chic details, pretty pastels with the modern edge, or country chick with feminine accessories and contrasting floral prints. Each one of these vintage bathroom ideas will offer a whole different outcome, however, they all will look amazing in the vintage-themed house.

Have a look at these 6 trending vintage bathroom designs which are making the serious comeback :

1. Industrial accent  

This is among the greatest upcoming trends for the bathrooms in 2020 that comes with a modern twist. The industrial style adopts the design inspiration from industrial spaces and old factories which, in recent times, have been transformed into lofts as well as other living spaces. While implementing this design, think about “New York Style Soft Living” in the 80s. It comes under one of the best vintage bathroom ideas where you have to think brushed metallic and copper, black shower frames, textured concrete effect walls or subway tiles, and exposed pipes.

Brushed copper and nickel finishes, vintage shower fittings, and heads, as well as black shower frames, will add an exceptional look to your bathroom. You can also incorporate contemporary sanitary ware along with the vintage furniture or vice versa for embodying this design style in the house. Moreover, do not forget the accessories or lighting.

2. Retro-contemporary wallpaper

When it comes to vintage themes, add a few pastoral paintings for transforming even the most builder-basic bathroom into the country charmer. The vintage hand towel and the wallpaper will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Are you into a floral-painted bathroom? Well, not for the faint-hearted, the floral vintage bathroom idea is the veritable flower-fest. Needless to say, it will look gorgeous. The sprigged curtain, floral wallpaper, the patchwork-effect tile splashback, and flower motif towels will give your bathroom a lively feeling.

Wallpaper, the stuff that we spent hours sweeping off our grandparents’ and parents’ walls, has been having the (quite extended) moment. While this is not particular to your bathroom, that is the great space for it. So if you are obsessed with wallpaper, particularly the one in vintage themes, the latest patterns are modified, for being brighter and larger than the ones of former times.

3. Pedestal Sink

Immaculate ivory fixtures and clean lines describe the conventional bathroom, however, it is the shapely pedestal sink that catches attention with an unexpected pinch of visual diversity. While these sinks take up less visual (as well as actual) space as compared to the full vanity, they lack the storage which a vanity offers. Having said that, a lot of pedestal designs include generous ledges that can hold regular shower and bath essentials.

A salvaged pedestal sink is among the best plumbing products and is the lucky find at the antique shop in the city, as well as that too, at an inexpensive rate. Although pedestal sinks are in abundance, their quality varies and this is the most amazing thing about them. These sink come in every size and shape, as well as the model packs plenty of style into a petite form. Furthermore, the crystal foot and tapered leg offers your circular sink the fashion-forward feel.

4. Vintage-style tile works

Boost the period character of your bathroom through installing the tile treatments which take the cue from the early washrooms. Wish to try one of the most incredible bathroom renovation tips? Take a fresh take on the vintage style through including green penny tiles in black-and-white borders on your shower as well as the bathroom floorings. The retro daisy motifs on your floor as well as black accent tiles in your shower will energize a white bathroom.

The impeccable white claw-foot tub, cream-colored walls, along with the wooden privacy screen paint the picture of unparalleled beauty in the calming bath. Underlying it all, the sharp white octagonal floor tile along with the black dot accents attracts the eye along with energizing your spirits. The highly practical surface of your bath, a tile adds texture, pattern, and color in countless beautiful ways. If you want, you can also, like the patchwork quilt, get the sample, sale, and remainder tiles “patched” together for covering the shower stall’s walls for a cost-effective route to the best-personalized look.

5. Vintage Hardware

In terms of the most preferred bathroom renovation tips, for a simple nod to the bygone days, it is time to swap out the vanity’s fixtures and hardware. This makes your space feel so thought-out, high quality, and personal. Consider different taps for cold and hot water or the detachable shower-head in polished copper or chrome. Are you a child of the 80s? If yes, then you can rejoice as brass is back and it is better as compared to what you remember.

Brass is a perfect choice for your bathroom makeover as it is quite warm as well as adds a tiny bit of glam to space. This is simple for upgrading the piece so that it gives a more customized look. Also, you can opt for finely paneled wainscoting and marble-tiled floors for formalizing a charismatic bathroom. The tiny details, from the brass shower head to toilet flush handle, will achieve a royal atmosphere on the relatively cost-effective budget.

6. Claw-Foot Tub

The well-known accent in the 19th-century bathrooms, a claw-foot tub is making a splash in recent times, which is valued for its deep basin, highly ornamented feet, and classic silhouette. If you follow this bathroom makeover tip along with installing 2 roomy granite countertops, it will exude the old-world elegance. You can also go for a handheld showerhead and silver-capped feet for enhancing the overall beauty of your bathroom.

There is no denying the fact these tubs have attained the spot as one of the most preferred choices among people in the world of bathroom design. With stylish features, these mushy throwbacks have acquired peak royalty status which is the ultimate in the aspirational bathroom fittings. However, beware because in case the tub is free-standing, the issue of spillage might bring you a lot of problems. So, in case you decide that is it worth the pain for having the claw-foot tub, make it a point that you plan wisely. It is overall good for your new master bathroom.  


The vintage bathroom styles range from sophisticated and chic to cottage-cozy. Consider adding a bit of country flair to every single bathroom in the house by installing conventional-styled best plumbing products. In case you are installing the new bathroom or upgrading the old one, vintage bathroom decor plans can assist you to decide on the right style as per the suitability of your space.

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