7 Stylish Area Rugs for 2020

Has your area rug, bath mat or hallway runner seen better days? It might be time to ‘pull that rug out from under you’ and replace it with a new one. But where do you start?  With a staggering array of rugs on the market (available at home décor shops, carpet stores and supermarket retailers), it’s hard to know who has the hottest styles and the best deals.

Here’s a look at some head-turning area rugs for 2020, guaranteed to capture attention while bringing modern style to your home.  You’ll discover plush rugs for a bedroom, fluffy bath mats and cotton décor rugs for an entryway, hallway or living space. With so many fun and fabulous styles, you may find yourself shopping for a rug for every room (and there’s really no reason not to!)

1. Plush bath mats have eye-catching graphics

When it comes to rugs and beautifying your home, the two go hand-in-hand.  

For quality and selection, there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Rugs offer versatility and style. Charming bath mats can double as whimsical décor while also providing a much-needed surface for stepping out of the bath or shower. A bath mat is a decorative accessory that you see every day. Choose one that brings a smile to your face while keeping your floor dry.

2. Geometric rugs are too cool for school

Off-white rugs with geometric patterns are the perfect bright spot in a living room or bedroom. There’s nothing more luxurious than a plush area rug underfoot. Light colored rugs open a space up and make it inviting. Simple lines and geometric designs add elegance in an instant.

3. Textured rugs get people talking

When a rug has bold colors or patterns and is a durable texture, it’s ideal in a busy entryway or living space because it’s designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic and hide dirt more easily. Choose a textured, patterned décor rug when you want to make a statement with color and style, while also concealing the normal comings and goings of a busy household. Patterned rugs add visual interest. Use them to create a focal point in a room and pull colors or shapes from them when you select pillows or window coverings to tie the look together.

4. Flatweave rugs are flat out fabulous!

A cotton flatweave rug is a great choice at the side of a bed, in front of a bathroom vanity or as a kitchen décor rug under the table.  In addition to clearly defining an area (for eating, reading, sleeping, etc.)  the flatter the weave, the easier it is to pick up and clean. Flatweave rugs are ideal in a dining area because you can easily pull a dining chair away from the table, and clean up is so much easier on a flat vs. fluffy surface. Flat weave cotton home décor rugs also make great hall runners or door mats in an entrance. When you really want to up the elegance factor, choose a modern black and white design.

5. Handwoven rugs offer layering options

No rug collection would be complete without a gorgeous handwoven rug that adds texture to your décor.  Choose a rug that has a soothing global aesthetic, with a textured design and harmonious colors that will enhance any room. Lightweight hand woven rugs are ideal for layering over wall to wall carpeting for additional warmth. Handwoven, often with elegant tassels and tufted bands, this style of rug looks equally lovely when used as wall art.

6. Kilim rugs have a global aesthetic

Dress up a room with a kilim rug on the floor or hanging from the wall as head- turning artwork. Kilim rugs have a tribal vibe in unique patterns and rich colors. Handcrafted and durable, they offer unlimited decor opportunities. Roll them out and hang them up—design your space your way to create a home that reflects your original style.

7. Abstract rugs let your imagination take shape

Area rugs have always come in a standard rectangle shape, with oval and round rugs gaining popularity throughout the years. Today, you can showcase your personality with geometric designs and asymmetrical shapes. You can even find rugs that are a beautiful mix of both (rounded on one end and square on the other). When rug shopping, let your furniture arrangement dictate the shape, style and colors of your rug and create a look that is uniquely your own.

Refresh every room in your home with stunning rugs, eye-catching wall art and home accessories. You’ll also want to check out these inexpensive area rugs, so you can browse the hottest rug styles to find what speaks to your fabulous taste.

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