Are Insecticides Safe To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

Are insecticides safe? Well, yes and no. But first things first. Though most insecticides are

indeed entirely safe to use around children, pets, and the environment, not all are efficient and

effective enough to treat infestations. Especially if you have a more significant mosquito

problem at home, you might need to consider an organic alternative.

Keep Your Family Safe From Mosquitos

Mosquitoes carry many diseases that are potentially harmful to humans and animals. They can

spread viruses and parasites, such as West Nile, Zika, chikungunya, yellow fever, dengue, and


Mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs at one time. They like to lay their eggs in standing water,

so mosquito control starts with emptying any containers that might collect water, including

children’s pools, boats, and plastic covers.

The good news is that most of the chemicals used for mosquito control are safe for both

humans and the environment. They are usually applied at night when mosquitoes are most

active, and since mosquitoes tend to live about a month, multiple applications may be needed to

keep the population down.

Mosquitos aren’t the only nuisance insects out there, and ticks are another major problem and

can harm your family. Now is the time to begin your mosquito and tick control. A mosquito

control service such as offers conventional and organic mosquito and tick


Conventional Solutions

One common way to get rid of mosquitoes is through chemical insecticides. There are many

different types of insecticides, but one of the most effective against mosquitoes is pyrethrin.

Pyrethrin insecticide is natural and derived from chrysanthemum flowers, and it works by

causing nervous system paralysis in insects and leads to a quick death.

Another chemical solution for mosquito control is insect growth regulator (IGR) This solution

doesn’t kill adult mosquitoes, but it prevents larvae from developing into adulthood.

The EPA regulates the chemical insecticides used to kill mosquitoes and other insects. As with

any pesticide, some precautions must be taken when applying these chemicals. It’s essential to

take these precautions to ensure people and pets are not exposed to the chemicals.

The insecticides applied from a truck or an airplane are formulated to be effective for very short

periods. They’re broken down in sunlight and rain very quickly, making them safe for use around

food crops, pets, drinking water sources, and people.

Insecticides are EPA registered. These products are designed to protect people against

mosquito bites and West Nile virus rather than kill mosquitoes. The formulations used for this

type of application are not the same as those used by professional pest management

companies because they do not have to be effective in contact with the target pest (the


Organic Solutions

Organic mosquito solutions are safe, but they’re often more effective than dangerous chemicals

and pesticides.

When you think of organic solutions, you might think of plants and natural predators, but there’s

more to it. Some pest control companies use organic solutions like mosquito-eating fish to get

rid of mosquitoes. These fish are natural predators and can be used to eat adult mosquitoes

and eat eggs and larvae.

Other companies utilize an organic insecticide made from a type of bacteria called Bacillus

thuringiensis (Bt) israelensis. It is an environmentally friendly solution that only affects

mosquitoes and black flies, so you don’t have to worry about it harming other insects or animals.

It works by attacking the larvae after ingesting it, so it doesn’t affect adult mosquitoes that have

already hatched out of their eggs.

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