Coffee Table Trends For Living Rooms In 2020

Everyone knows that a living room without a coffee table is just plain empty. Coffee tables were in essence invented specifically for living rooms and over the years have gained such popularity that they have moved into every room of our homes.

Since coffee tables have become so popular and a “must have” for every home there is no shortage of coffee table trends. You can bet your best table that the new year will also bring with it a new coffee table trend. If you’re interested in coffee tables and would like to find out what are the most popular coffee table trends for 2020 then this post is for you. In this post, we will be going over the top five coffee table trends of 2020. So, buckle up, grab yourself a cup of hot coffee and lets dive into the best coffee table trends of 2020.

Aquarium Coffee Table

Aquarium coffee tables aka fish tank coffee tables have slowly but steadily become extremely popular pieces of furniture. These coffee tables are extraordinary and add a whole new dimension to any room. Imagine coming home from a long day’s work and sitting down while watching live fish swim around in your coffee table. This is exactly what a fish tank coffee table is. It’s a table that has transparent glass all around with water filtration system installed. You simply purchase one and add your favorite fish to it and voila! You have live fish swimming underneath your coffee cups. According to some studies fish tank tables can also help with anxiety, and depression.  

Simpli Home Shaker Coffee Table

These works of art are simply elegant and traditional. No matter what your taste in furniture is, you cannot ignore the simply beauty of these tables. Constructed with solid pine, they come in a variety of colors (six to be exact). These tables are tough because of the material used to build them, which means there won’t be any cracking or splitting worries. These tables have become a favorite among all others especially because they are affordable and have a neutral design. These beauties will look marvelous no matter where you place them around the home.

Ashley Furniture Wesling Coffee Table

One of the most desired features of a coffee table is long lasting and that’s exactly what you will get with this Ashley furniture wesling coffee table. They are built to last the test of time. Manufactured with solid wood with blue X-style legs, this coffee table has a rustic look and will never seem out of fashion for many years to come. If you’ve got the budget and an eye for high-end furniture then we highly recommend sinking your teeth into one of these for 2020.

Sauder International Round Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a work of art and should reflect an individual’s inner most self. This is what the Sauder round coffee table does best. While we all know that rectangular coffee tables are abundant in the market, round coffee tables have a sweet spot with fashion fanatics. This coffee table is super sleek and will scream “glam” no matter where you put it. Many owners have stated that its in fact the most attention getter in their homes. It has a safety-tempered glass top and thin gold trim. want your home or apartment to feel like a high-class New York hotel? Then this is perfect coffee table for you. But before you jump the gun, make sure you have the deep pockets required to get a hold of one.  

Augustina Coffee Table

What if you could get a coffee table that also allowed you to use it as a storage? Well if you’re into killing two birds with one stone this table might just cut it for you. This remarkable coffee table has the option of storage which allows you to hide any unwanted clatter within it. It’s perfect for small spaces or living rooms that also are used as guest rooms. But don’t let the look fool you, this coffee table is extremely sturdy because it’s made out of solid wood.

Well that brings our best coffee tables for 2020 to an end. Let us know what you think down in the comments section. If you have a favorite coffee table we would love to hear about it.

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