Debunking Myths Of Home and AC Warranty

For homeowners, a home warranty provides peace of mind as it is a type of insurance policy that gets specific areas covered. Whether you are searching for AC repair Dallas technician to maintain or repair your air conditioner, there is a reason why home warranty exists. However, there are aspects of a home warranty that homeowners often misunderstood.

When the time comes that they need the warranty to cover the expenses associated with repairing or replacing home appliances, the warranty becomes void. While home warranties are beneficial to homeowners, you still need some caution so you can get the most out of it. Understanding the myths that surround home warranties is imperative.

Myth #1: The highest level of coverage can take care of all your mechanical systems.

The truth is when you purchase a home warranty, you need to pay attention to the fine print of your contract so you will know the terms and conditions. This is the golden rule you cannot afford to ignore. Even when you have purchased the highest level of coverage, it does not guarantee that all of your mechanical systems are covered.

Keep in mind that most warranties do not cover mini-split systems. When it comes to covering refrigerators, the coverage only applies to one refrigerator in your kitchen. If you have another refrigerator in your basement or garage, your home warranty will not cover it.

Myth #2: You can receive the exact same model of your home appliance if it is beyond repair.

There are instances when a repair will no longer work and you need to take the replacement route. Without reading the fine print, you might think that you can get the exact model when your unit is replaced. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You cannot expect the model replacement to have the same features as your previous home appliance. You should be flexible because there might be different variances in terms of brand and color. Your air conditioner, for example, may have a different color from the previous one, and you need to make a compromise.

Myth #3: Your outdated air conditioner can be easily replaced by a new highly efficient unit.

One of the conditions that is indicated in the fine print is that when your air conditioner needs to be replaced, the unit that will be installed should meet the federal regulations. You need to clarify the type of unit that will serve as a replacement for the previous model to avoid confusion. You need to keep in mind that regulations can change its efficiency ratings, equipment sizing, and refrigerants.

You need to stay updated to avoid disappointments. When it comes to replacement you should also verify whether or not you should replace the indoor section of your AC if the outdoor section has been replaced. You should also verify if the refrigerant type and sizing match the outdoor unit.

Myth #4: You will receive Original Equipment (OEM) parts if your system requires repairing.

There is no guarantee that you will receive OEM parts once your unit needs repair. The parts of your air conditioner might only receive re-manufactured pieces which are much cheaper than the original parts. Keep in mind that these re-manufactured pieces may not always be recertified based on the UL requirements. It is important that you verify this information with the insurance so you can get accurate details about the OEM parts.

Myth #5: You have the right to choose your contractor to perform repairs and diagnostics.

Once you inform the home warranty companies about the problem with your air conditioner, they are going to be the ones to send out contractors that have been pre-screened to meet the requirements of insurance, customer feedback, and certifications. Once you submit a claim, the home warranty company will schedule an appointment with a contractor of choice to diagnose and repair your air conditioning. Although there are home warranty companies that allow you to choose your contractor of choice, these companies are quite rare.

You can secure your home warranties upon purchasing your home. From a buyer’s perspective, the home warranty provides peace of mind as it can shoulder unexpected expenses which are associated with purchasing a new house. While it is beneficial to homeowners, you will need to do your part to make sure that you read the fine print thoroughly so you will know your limitations. When it comes to repairing your air conditioning, give Hooper Plumbing a call to perform diagnostics.

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