Easy Yet Professional Guide to Installing Glass Wall Shelves

Anyone looking for an aura of elegance and sophistication in home décor, knows glass can make it all possible. Glass wall shelves appear to float in the air, allowing light to pass through and ultimately making a room appear spacious. This is the reason most bathroom shelves are made of glass. The best part is that these shelves transcend beauty. Made from tempered glass, you can comfortably store your decorative and functional items on the shelves. Furthermore, installing glass shelves is a simple undertaking. Unlike complicated floor storage, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Follow through as we give an easy but professional guide on the installation of glass shelves.

Benefits Of Glass Shelves

A few years ago, glass shelving was a reserve for the bathroom. Now you can install glass shelves throughout your home. If you want an increased space to place your things, install a few of these shelves on your walls. With the myriad of customization options available today, you can let your mind run wild. Here are some of the benefits of glass shelves.

Glass adds to the aesthetics

First off, glass is undoubtedly appealing. Being transparent, it effortlessly showcases items without overshadowing or shelf distracting them. It allows your guests to see the items from a new perspective, that’s the feature that lacks in traditional shelves. The transparent nature of glass lets plenty of natural light in any space. This saves on energy a great deal.

From creating an illusion of space to illuminating a room, installing a glass shelf is a sure way to make your space appear elegant. If you are hoping to hang your artwork and picture frames in a decorative manner, you can’t go wrong with glass. For example, displaying your flower vases on glass shelves is bound to catch the eye more than placing them over a wooden shelf. If you particularly have a dark room, having a few glass shelves can make a big difference.

It has the ability to incorporate lighting effects

Another major advantage of glass shelving is that it works well with visual lighting effects. Unlike conventional wooden shelves that need individual lighting on each cubicle, glass lets light pass through. When glass shelves are placed in a dark room, individual spotlighting can be placed under the shelf to create a stunning lighting effect. The reflected glass can give off under or backlighting.

Glass shelves are versatile

Glass shelves are also incredibly versatile. Whether you hope to install them in your living room or the bathroom, they can make your space takes on a totally new dimension. The best part is that there are countless options to choose from. Install custom corner glass shelves for uniqueness or install a few of them on a bare wall to create a focal point. Regardless of how you want to use wall shelves in your home, you simply can’t go wrong with glass.

Above all, glass shelves allow extra space for storage

Although glass is mainly utilized for aesthetics, it also offers an alternative storage solution around the home or office. Thankfully, the latest developments in glass technology have seen the introduction of a strong and durable glass material – tempered glass. You can comfortably place your vases, wall hangings, and other items on your glass shelves without fear of breaking it. As a matter of fact, tempered glass is stronger than wood. You can place heavy equipment such as a TV or sound system without shattering it.  What’s more, current glass shelves include lock and key features for convenience and functionality. Eliminate the need for cupboards and large shelves by having a few glass shelves in your home.

Glass shelves are more durable

As mentioned before, the tempered glass is very strong and durable. Essentially, tempered glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass. Furthermore, when it breaks, it shatters into tiny ball-like pieces that are less harmful. Unlike metal or wood, your tempered glass shelves, are not at risk of rust and warp. You can place a flower vase or a cup of water on your shelf without worrying about ruining it.

Glass shelves promote gentle handling

Many people think of glass as a delicate item. When handling such items, most people will take more precautions than items made from other materials. This means you can store your delicate items on your glass shelves and quit worrying about when they will break down.

Low maintenance

Finally, glass is insanely easy to maintain compared to other materials. All you need to do to keep your shelves streak-free and clean at all are a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. Wipe the beauties down after ever bathroom use and do a thorough cleaning once a week for good results.

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How to Install Glass Shelves

Glass wall shelves are pretty much like floating shelves since they have no visible sports. However, these beauties can bear so much weight despite floating off of your wall. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and going DIY on this project, read on.

What you will need

Let’s begin with some of the tools of the trade to get the job done.

● Glass floating shelves

● A mounting template

● Pencil

● Hammer

● Drill

● Carbide-tipped masonry bit

● Measuring tape

● Screwdriver

● Mounting brackets

● Adhesive caulking

Steps to follow

1. Choose your Glass shelves

The choice of glass shelves is perhaps the most important step in this project. To be more specific, the thickness and design of your glass will determine the weight the shelf will carry. Before you place an order for your decorative glass shelves, find out how much weight you need to place on them. for obvious reasons, stay away from the thin annealed glass if you hope to place heavy weight on it. The two popular glass thicknesses include 3/8-inch and ¼ inch. On average, a ¼-inch, 2-foot glass piece with two support fasteners on either end will support approximately 15 pounds.

Apart from thickness, the design of your shelves also come to play here. For example, a corner wall shelf with visible support is ideal for placing heavy items compared to a rectangle floating shelf.

2. Decide on the arrangement of your shelves

After selecting the appropriate glass shelves, you want to decide their placements. Whether you want to install kitchen or bathroom shelves, a proper arrangement will deliver the best results- both functionally and aesthetically. This simply boils down to personal preference. Some people prefer to arrange their shelves in a straight row while others are okay with a random, staggered look. If you plan on placing your shelves on top of each other, be sure to leave sufficient room for placing items. Ideally, you should place your tape at half the length of the shelf away. For instance, if your glass shelf fitting is 14 inches in length, each of the side pieces of the tape should be 7 inches from the center.  

3. Marking the bracket locations

The next step is to mark bracket locations. Use the mounting template to mark out the grooves that will be drilled on your wall. The specific design of your glass shelf will determine whether you will need to place your brackets behind it or not. Remember that inaccurate measurements will only lead to lopsided shelving.

If you are installing your shelves over a toilet seat, apply a thin strip (about two inches) of your masking tape above the toilet. Repeat the same process for the two sides where you intend to install your brackets. Once that is done, draw a centerline and mark the shelf height on the center of your tape. Next, transfer the bracket tape height with a two-feet level. Finish things off by measuring from the centerline to find out the left and right locations for your brackets. Mark this point with your pencil as well.

When installing one underneath a mirror or a medicine cabinet, measure the distance from the top edge of the sink to the bottom of the cabinet. Divide that value by 2 to identify the center. Mark the mounting tape at that distance.

4. Insert the anchors

Next, you need to create holes and place the anchors in your wall. Follow the markings on your template to cut the grooves using a screwdriver. Set the head of your screwdriver over each mark and tap its head until it pierces through the drywall. For better results, hammer the handle of the screwdriver. If you have a ceramic tile wall, you want to place an “X” shape on each mark and transfer this mark all the way to the top of the new tape. Measure a carbide-tipped masonry the size of your wall anchor and fit it on your drill. Drill through the wall slowly. Applying more force as you approach the backer board and the wall. Once the drill has gone through completely, gently remove it from the wall.

Remove the tape from the wall and insert an anchor in each hole. If you have a hard time inserting an anchor, apply some pressure by tapping it with a hammer.

5. Insert the brackets

Once the anchors are securely placed, the brackets should follow suit. Insert a screw in the bracket then place the tip of the screw into the anchor. Twist a few times until it assumes the position. Using a screwdriver, screw the bracket in place until the anchor has expanded and the screw is tight enough. Repeat the process for all the brackets.

6. Hang the shelf

Finally, install your glass shelf after mounting your bracket. Before placement, however, you want to make sure that all the screws are strong enough to bear the weight of the shelf. The last thing you want after all that work is to break your glass shelf because of a few weak screws. In addition, when hanging your shelf, ensure that all screws are inserted in the bracket holes. Carefully lift the shelf and place it on the wall using holes and screws in the bracket. Begin at the top and work your way to the wall. Just like that, you have your decorative glass shelf!

Additional tips

Before you put on your work gear and grab your tools, there are a few more things to keep in mind when installing glass shelves.

● Stick to the weight load guidelines of the package to avoid unnecessary accidents

● Exercise extreme caution as you drill through your ceramic tile wall. The minute you feel a pressure relief as the drill penetrates the backer board or the drywall, reduce the pressure. This way, you will ensure a clean hole and not a rugged one.

● If possible, apply an anti-fog solution on your glass to protect it against moisture buildup caused by hot showers.

● If you order a shelf mounting kit, you might want to replace the wall anchors that came with it with masonry anchors. The latter ones are stronger and much more effective.

● After drilling through your tiled-wall, use caution when peeling off the tape. A cut tile bears sharp, dangerous pieces and harmful dust that shouldn’t be inhaled.

● Avoid marking on your wall directly to avoid leaving unpleasant marks on your glass shelves.

Adding a glass shelf in your space is very useful. Not only is it versatile, durable, and aesthetically appealing to the eye, but it also requires low maintenance.  What’s more, you don’t need to be a DIY guru to do glass shelf fitting and installation. As long as you can read and follow instructions, you can get the project done in just a few hours.

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