Great Suggestions from The Best Kitchen Designers in Ottawa

You’ve been living in your home for years, and suddenly one day you decide there needs to be a change. Perhaps you want o repaint the walls in the lounge or maybe you feel like your kitchen needs an upgrade. What should you do? Seek advice from some of the best kitchen designers is a good way to start.

Renovating your kitchen need not be a mundane task if done the right way. There are a few things to consider before taking up this endeavor, such as your budget, how much space you have, how long you have to renovate it, the storage and more. This link has more on this for you.

If you have a small or large space, there are a few things you can do to enhance its appeal and give you more reason to spend time in this part of the house. Below we help you with some of the best suggestions that these experts have in store for you when you are looking for a change.

Is Your Kitchen Small?

No one should need to suffer from having a small kitchenette and not being able to do much in it. After all, this is the one room in the house where you can do several things besides cooking. You can use it to work, entertainment, eat and more.

If you have a small area to work with, the below ideas may just help you:

Add a sliding door: did you ever think changing something as simple as the doors in any room in a home would make a difference? Well, according to experts, instead of having conventional open and shut swing doors, why not replace them with sliding doors. You will save a whole lot of space and it can help when you want to shut out the noise and smells coming from your cooking.

When pulled close the majority of the doors, especially those made from reinforced glass can provide a barrier between two rooms.

Collapsible Furniture

Beds shouldn’t be the only thing that is collapsible in small houses or apartments. You can use collapsible furniture in the cooking area too. Extendable tables and foldable chairs are just some of the many examples of these varieties, which you can easily get from popular stores such as IKEA or home stores. It is what is called “clever furniture”:

Consider Functionality

Of course, these are some of the most important spaces in any home and as such, need to be fully functional, otherwise, what’s the point, right? You can combine beauty and function easily here. First of all, you should measure the dimensions of the open space, and then add an island in the middle of a small table with stools around it that you can push underneath once you are done with them. Consider the walkway space before adding anything extra.

According to designers, leaving a space of at least one meter all around the countertops or islands is a good way to utilize the space.

Use the Corner Spaces

The most basic food prepping and cooking needs to be done in any sized cooking area and when you need a lot of appliances to do this, you should consider the one is that is least thought of when renovating. You do not necessarily need to use every inch of all corners, but ones that are near the sink or on the furthest end of the counter could come in handy.

Savvy design solutions from best kitchen designers Ottawa suggest using such items as glass or utensil hangers placed on the roof of a ceiling cabinet and in the corner can be very useful. Units can be placed as high as possible so there is ample space between the counter and the base of the cupboard so you can use this underneath surface to hand stuff.  A glass rack makes for an easy solution to lack of space and looks chic too!

Last but not least, using the right paint color will also open the area and give it a bright look. Brilliant whites are the winners in this category! Other shades to think about including pale blues, pinks and browns, which go well with wooden accessories and cupboards, as well as a natural wood finish floor.

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