How to Get the Most out of Your Tiny House: 7 Storage Tricks Revealed

Having a space of your own is better than having none. Storage is always an issue in any living space and even more so if you live in a tiny house or apartment. With slight maneuvering, organizing, and smartly using every inch of space, you’ll be surprised how clever unexpected storage solutions are.

Enthusiasm for small homes has grown exponentially over the years. Some city dwellers and those who want to live a simplistic lifestyle find that tiny houses are a great way to downsize. Living in a compact abode forces you to declutter the things you don’t need. You can either donate the extra items you have or sell them online for extra money.

Here are some ways on how to make sure the essentials are within reach and stored smartly in a tiny house.

Use All Sides of the Shelves

A shelf helps add more storage, and normally, you will put things on the shelf’s top portion. For whatever reason you can’t add another shelf, you can use the space under it. This idea works best in the kitchen, where you can screw in the lids of spices under the surface of the shelf as an additional kitchen-storage space. Plus it’s stylish too!

Hidden Drawers in Stairs

If you have a tiny loft-type house or have stairs, you can put hidden drawers. You can store footwear, outdoor gear, or anything you want. If you have more space under the stairs, you can insert cabinets there too. Here are some design ideas if you’re going to do a DIY project out of it.

Hang Anything You Can

Utilize the walls of your tiny space by hanging anything you can. Apart from the shelves, you can put several hooks to hang foldout desks, tables, decorative ornaments, artwork, and more. In the kitchen, you can store pans, mugs, and other cookware. Hanging baskets can be used as extra storage for fresh spices or even plants.

Store Linen and Beddings under the Mattress

Using the space under the bed is a clever storage technique. There are cubbies, drawers, and bins dedicated to under-the-bed storage things. But do you know that you can store extra linen and bedding under the mattress?

These things are bulky and take up space even when they are folded. They tend to collect dirt and dust when they’re not properly stored. To make sure they’re fresh and ready to go, store new linen and sheets under the mattress.

Use Stackable Hangers

A tiny house means most parts of the house are downsized, and that means there’s shrinkage in the closet department too. If you still have a large collection of clothes even after the purge, then you know you will quickly run out of space by hanging clothes individually.

Use stackable hangers to utilize the spaces in between. You can also use these to group clothing such as scarves, ties, and intimates.

Room Dividers > Walls

Walls help split up rooms, and they work well in normal-sized homes, but in tiny houses, they take up so much space. The walls also make space closed off because they block out natural light, and that means extra lighting for that space. Room dividers are more favorable for compact spaces because they create division more efficiently and double as an accent piece or decoration to add character to the area.

There are many types of room dividers. There’s the portable classic trifold screen, which you can use anywhere, and there are rolling bookcases. Here are more ideas to help you out.

Pullout Pantry

If you love cooking, then you know that spices and ingredients are important. Tiny homes can’t afford you the space that you usually would have in a normal-sized kitchen.

The solution is to create a pullout pantry or spice rack, where you can store condiments, seasoning, and spices. If you have enough space available, you can make the retractable storage big. If you want to build it yourself, check out this link.

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