How to Prepare for Knock Down Rebuild

Your dream home could be just a knock down rebuild that’s waiting for you to take action to make it a reality. Some people are turned off by the thought of a knock down rebuild home to pave the way for a new one. They think it is a hassle and it’s more expensive. On the contrary, depending on your chosen builder, your worries can even be unfounded. Here are some reasons why demolishing and rebuilding from the ground up makes a lot of sense.

Permits You to Stay in the Community

When you knock down your old home and rebuild from the ground up, you temporarily have to vacate until everything is complete. The operative word here is temporary. After all the work is done, you can stay in your beloved street. Your children will be less anxious knowing they can go back to playing with their neighbourhood friends. They can also remain in their school district. You can also readily go back to your routines. Most of all, you can live a happy life in your dear community with all the support systems of friendly neighbours that you have established through the years.

Cheaper than Renovation

If you love your address but don’t like your house anymore, you could be thinking of renovating your old home to spruce it up. However, renovation can cost more, especially when your contractors discover underlying structural issues that are irreparable. Some unscrupulous contractors may even say it is workable, but in the long run, when everything is settled, leaks from outdated plumbing will just come back with a vengeance. Do yourself a favour and thoroughly assess the condition of your house. It might be cheaper and more convenient to go with a knock down rebuild.

Provide Modern Amenities

Doing a renovation cannot provide you with luxurious modern amenities. For instance, you cannot incorporate a media room, expansive master suites, ducted cooling and heating, solar panel installation, butler’s pantries, and more. You can incorporate all these amazing features if you knock down your outdated home and build a new one. It may even be faster and quicker than undertaking a tedious renovation process.

Cheaper than Buying New

When you knock down your house, you don’t have to spend as much rebuilding because you already own the property or the land where this house is set on. If you live in an area where land is expensive, demolishing your house to build a new one will be a more affordable approach than buying a brand-new home and lot. Why waste your money when you already have a land title?

No Hassle Whatsoever

When you do a home renovation, everyone in your home feels the burden. Workers who you do not know come into your home. There is a risk involved in there in the form of theft and harm to yourself and your kids. Choosing to knock down and rebuild your house is a safer option for your family because you can rent a cheaper apartment while they are fixing your home. Apart from that, you won’t have to worry about your home being a construction zone with all the hazards like sharp nails and dangerous equipment like an electric saw. You also do not have to contend with the mess and dust, which can aggravate your allergies and asthma.

Final Word

If you are tired of your outdated house, bear in mind that a renovation is not the only solution. Sometimes, knocking down and rebuilding from scratch is even a better choice. Don’t suffer through a messy, costly, and lengthy renovation that posts a lot of risks for your family. Stay in your home address by going for a total knock down and rebuilding.

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Tom Tilman is the editor and manager at GalleryNine5. Tom has been a part of the home decor world for the past 12 years, designing, planning and consulting both companies and individuals among their decor and design journeys. Tom has been using his vast knowledge and skills into his writings and creatives in order to share and grow the decor community.

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