How to Turn Moving into an Incredible Organization Opportunity

Almost everyone has experienced moving at least once in their life. In most cases, we dread the process of moving homes. However, there is an incredible opportunity in store for you if you are about to move. You finally get to reorganize and redesign your home into a more functional, manageable, and likeable style!

Today, we will go through the process of moving and how to simultaneously steer things in the right direction to become more organized. We will show you how to properly plan a move, purge unnecessary belongings, and consequently turn your new homes interior design into what you’ve always wanted.

Planning and Preparing With Organization in Mind

Before you start packing boxes and moving furniture, get a plan in mind. There are a few stages of planning to be aware of. First, you want to take into consideration how you feel about your current home. Is the style what you wanted? Is there unnecessary clutter that has built up? Will you have more or less space in your new home?

These questions help you determine where your focuses will be and how your new home will look. Therefore, this is a crucial step, and all you need to do is ask yourself the right questions. Over time, we build up a collection of various belongings we don’t necessarily need. So make a list of your priorities of what you truly care about when analyzing your belongings. This will be a great opportunity to get rid of excess clutter getting in the way of the functionality and design of your current home.

Next, you want to structure your days with a plan. Packing and moving shouldn’t be done by improvising and rushing, you should have clear goals set in mind each day. For example: day one may be focusing on excess belongings rather than packing the bedrooms and living rooms. You want to be sure that you are packing what you don’t need first, and moving things like the kitchen and bathroom last since you will still be using these throughout your moving process. Be sure to set time aside for eating, relaxing, and dealing with other responsibilities. This way you can get a general gauge of how long this will take and help settle any worries you have with time management.

Lastly, you want to plan what you are moving things with. This includes boxes, packing tape, labels, plastic containers, moving companies, etc. You want to have the right equipment ready before you start working on a move. Buy all the boxes and supplies you need ahead of time, and plan moving companies(NYC movers)for large furniture and appliances according to the schedule you have created for the move.

Time to Start Moving

This is the dreaded part of the moving process for everyone: actually doing it. Try to see this as exciting though. You actually get to organize everything and comb through your belongings to purge what isn’t needed. Moving means gutting an entire home of every belonging. Meaning, you get the opportunity to truly determine what you need and what you can get rid of.

With your plans in mind, you want to start with arbitrary belongings. Things you won’t be needing throughout the moving process. These are the things tucked in the attic, the things gathering dust in a storage room. These areas will be the most time consuming, so start here since your ambitions will be at their highest in the beginning.

Every item you touch should spark the question: do I need this? Be honest, if this is something you haven’t seen in years, you can probably get rid of it. This will leave you more room in the new home to properly style, organize, and redesign.

When you are packing, label each box with what’s inside. That way, you don’t have to play any guessing games and you can quickly organize each box into its respective room of the new home. Additionally, you should be taking the proper measures to make sure everything is well protected for the journey. This means using packing peanuts, blankets, and newspapers for those delicate belongings.

Don’t forget to take breaks in between. Moving is hard work, and overworking yourself will only lead to more headaches. Ask for help from family and friends, and make sure everyone stays hydrated and well fed throughout the process. The last thing you need is someone fainting while carrying you brand new genuine leather sofa up the stairs.

Organizing Your New Home

You’re almost there! The last step is unpacking everything into their rightful places within your new home. Luckily, since you have a plan in motion, it’s only a matter of execution. Within this process, there will be a lot of debris and garbage, so have some cleaning supplies always at the ready.

Since you will have to be cleaning your old home as well, this won’t be that hard to prepare for. Have some bags at the ready, and be sure to dust and vacuum when you find an opening. This process will provide you with another chance to annex unnecessary belongings. See it as the final revision to the state of your new home.

Consider new organizational methods such as turning loads of paperwork into digital forms with a scanner and your home computer. Managing the storage of your new home should be easier since you will most likely have less to move in than what you started with.

Each room serves a purpose and a function. Excess belongings should be moved to a storage room or external storage unit. If you properly purged your original set of belongings, there shouldn’t be too much in the way of getting each room looking and functioning the way you want them to.

To Wrap This All Up

Hopefully this provided you with the strategies needed to make moving easy and exciting! This will be work though, but making it an opportunity rather than a chore will alleviate some stress. The reasons for moving homes can range extensively. Regardless, this is your chance to redesign, unclutter, and reorganize your home.

Imagine you’re a painter given a blank canvas. Use your past experiences and your future aspirations to turn this into your dream living space! With the right planning, purging, and adaptations; moving can be the best chance you have to redesign your home.

This article was written by Lyren Nadeau, a blog and content writer for Extra Storage. Extra Storage is a self-storage facility in Medicine Hat, providing people with 24/7 access to storage units, along with U-haul rentals to help with the moving process.

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