How to use lighting to accent the beauty and functionality of hotel interiors

When it comes to illuminating hotel rooms, guests aren’t usually overly demanding about the lighting arrangements. Simply put, they want the lights to work properly, to be able to flick a switch and see the light go on or off.

Unfortunately, some hotels can miss even this mark. Dim or neglected lighting can foster a dingy, cold and intimidating atmosphere. To create the right ambience for your guests, choosing the right lighting must be one of your top priorities.  

Advances in modern lighting make it possible to almost completely change the feel of a room with just the flick of a switch. Taking that into account, here’s a closer look at how to improve your hotel interiors with lighting.

Consider changing the color of a room

Today’s lighting options, especially given advances in LED lighting, make it possible to add a variety of lighting in different hues to your space. Your hotel design team should consider light use of color to help make guests feel comfortable and relaxed in their rooms.

You might choose, for example, between a bright white color for a sleek, ultra-modern look and a cool-toned blue for that calm and relaxing feel.

Highlight focal points

If your hotel interior has a main focal point, such as a trendy piece of artwork or a particularly impressive fountain, lighting can highlight that and draw the guests’ attention towards it. By utilizing directional lighting in that area, you can immediately emphasize the beauty of the space.  

Make your hotel rooms look cleaner

Even in a spotless room, poor lighting can give a murky sense of dirt and grime that conceals how polished the room truly is. A crisp, clean light can make a room look 10 times more appealing when someone first walks through the door.

Create an opportunity to embrace ‘green living’

While not specific to the ambience of your hotel interior, upgrading the lighting throughout your hotel allows you  to “go green” — a massive draw for many environmentally conscious guests.  

Eco-friendly features such as dimming or LED lighting will attract many travelers who wish to spend their money responsibly. Environmentally friendly lighting can help to maintain a positive atmosphere across your hotel while lowering energy use and future costs.

Invest in proper lighting

Lighting is not something to take ‘lightly’ when planning the design of your hotel. It can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your space, which in turn, will make a difference to your guests’ experiences.

The hospitality sector prizes the very highest standards of form and function in its interior lighting so you need to source your lighting fixtures from a company that is prepared to deliver all of that and more.

Turn to a supplier like Artcraft Lighting whose lighting designs both delight and captivate the eye. Providing quality designs, function and value, you can soon have the perfect lighting arrangements for your hotel establishment.

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