Inexpensive Home Renovation Ideas

We all feel some serious envy when we see friends and family take on expensive home renovation projects and transform their dull kitchens, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces into Instagram-perfect spaces. Then, there are those who are able to work on elaborate do-it-yourself projects, who can transform a pallet into the perfect decor for any home, all within an affordable budget. If you’re a normal person with a hectic lifestyle, these projects can be incredibly time consuming. However, there are some simple, inexpensive DIY projects that even the busiest person can undertake to update their living space. Here are a few ideas for making your home look fresh and new without breaking the bank.

Fresh paint

It’s incredible what a fresh coat of paint will do for a home, inside or out. Taking the time to touch up the deck with paint will make your outdoor area look brand new. Fresh, modern colors on the walls of your living room or kitchen will breathe new life into the space. Paint is relatively inexpensive and easy for anyone to do, especially in outdoor areas where there are no carpets and furniture to worry about. A popular project today is doing the front door of your home with a pop of color. Some popular colors are jet black, deep red, or a cheerful, bright yellow. If you’re not the best painter on the block, removable wallpaper is also a great and easy way to give your walls a fun makeover, and can easily be replaced if you decide to redecorate in a new color scheme.


One of the most popular kitchen looks right now is the subway tile backsplash. This stylish look is also incredibly practical, and protects walls from damaging spills and splashes. While it can be an expensive and time-consuming project to install these tiles in your own home, there are simple, cheaper alternatives. Peel-and-stick tiles are available to spice up any kitchen, or even bathroom, with this latest trends. There are even inexpensive, quality-looking tile-free options that look like the real thing but without the added weight of real tile. With this sharp accent, you’ll have your guests fooled into thinking you spend a lot of time and money renovating.

Update lighting

Take simple lighting to the next level with elaborate chandeliers or modern fixtures that add pizzazz to your home. Hunting at the right yard sales and vintage stores, you might find some hand-me-down pieces that look like they cost you hundreds. You can also revitalize old lighting fixtures using colors such as metallic silver and gold. Matte black can also give old fixtures a modern feel.
Replace Garage Door
This may be the most expensive renovation idea on this list, but hear us out. According to multiple sources, replacing your garage door is the best and easiest home remodeling projects to take on if you’re looking to resell your home sometime soon. It increases curb appeal and will end up returning to you almost every cent spent. Whether you’re selling in the New York, Denver, or Baton Rouge real estate market, improving the look of your home from the outside is one of the best ways to increase the value. Other tips to increase curb appeal include power washing the outside of your home and touching up the landscape.

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