Interior Decorating For Holidays

Holidays are a fun excuse to exercise your interior decorating skills, but there are still times when you struggle with inspiration. It’s easy to buy standard wreaths and streamers from your local department store and call it a day, but if you want to take your holiday home designs to the next level, we have some tips to share with you!

Manage Your Decorating Budget Wisely

Unless you have an unlimited budget for decor, you should carefully plan out your holiday calendar, so that you don’t find yourself cutting corners later in the year. The most popular holidays to decorate your home for are Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, but you may also consider dressing up your digs for Thanksgiving and Independence Day. If you are planning on hosting family and friends for only certain holidays, those might be the ones to go all-out for.

Another consideration when shopping for holiday design pieces is how easily they can be re-used or re-purposed. You may want to spend more money on higher quality items if they will last you for the next few years. If you are on a very strict budget, look for more do-it-yourself options, because even though they may not last as long, they can be an exciting project to involve family and friends in while also saving money.

Flowers Make the Difference

Roses for Valentines Day and poinsettias for Christmas are signature houseplants and flowers that every home decorator knows about. For other holidays, you can really let your creativity shine by breaking out the food coloring and dying flowers to match your holiday theme. Look for white and light colored flowers for Easter that you can dye bright blues and pinks, and darker flowers for Halloween, dying them blood orange and black.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most obvious ways to control the mood and atmosphere of your home or office. Whether you want to bring in completely new sources of lighting, or simply invest in some new bulbs, will depend entirely on your budget. Philips recently came out with their hue smart light bulbs, which can be paired with smart lighting devices and controlled entirely from your phone. The hue bulbs offer 16 million colors and are going to improve your design options beyond the holidays, and into your everyday life. There is nothing wrong with simply bringing in standard colored lights if that’s what your budget allows, but being aware of the options that are available in the market today is important. You may end up saving money in the long run.

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