Interior Design Ideas for Small Houses

Small houses are gaining ground and becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Our homes are an extension of our personalities and the decor of a house can say a lot about its inhabitants. 

With thoughtful and innovative design ideas, small spaces can be considered a blessing. Read along to find out how to make the most out of a small house’s potential.


Cozy Spaces 

Create a wall of memories with wall-hangings and photos you cherish. The lower part of the wall can then be used for cabinets. This smart utilization of space looks great and is practical. Storage nooks along with elegant furniture can be a valuable element in the overall design of the space. Given that they will be a part of the wall, you’ll get to conserve room as well. 

Handle the Walls 

Integrating the spaces bounded by walls will give it a more spacious look. Think of it this way, you can have a large and beautiful room instead of two small and congested rooms. If knocking down walls is not something you want to do there are other ways to use your walls to your advantage. Place your bed right against the window to save some extra space from the walls. Get some creative curtains that will be the focal point instead of investing in a headboard. You could also go for some bright and bold colored walls in a small bedroom to make an impact. 

Vertical Choices 

The under-utilized spaces that exist between furniture and the ceilings of rooms are essential. You can get some glamorous wall hangings or any high-mounted elements to fill up space. Fix bookcases or cabinets high up; this will give the illusion of a bigger room.

The designs
listed above are just a glimpse of the boundless interior decor ideas you can go with. Expand your imagination and go for these elaborate designs to make your small house look beautiful while still remaining functional.

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