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As technology continues to advance, it opens endless possibilities for us humans. Nearly every day, new products, medical treatment, and so much more are created all aimed towards easing life on planet earth.

One of such wonderful products of technological advancement is the invention of portable buildings and homes that are mobile. They are prefabricated buildings that can be used as homes, classrooms, or even offices, and are designed to be semi-permanent or temporary structures. They are mobile and so can easily be removed from one location and transported with a truck to a new location where they are re-connected to utilities.

A portable building is extremely versatile as it can be made to serve just about any purpose a regular permanent structure would. They may come in a single unit or be stacked to form a bigger structure, all depending on the client’s preference.

Getting one made for you shouldn’t be any hassle as there are several companies online that specialize in creating custom mobile homes and structures. For instance, someone living in Purcell could simply search online for portable buildings for sale in Purcell and get relevant results almost instantly.

Types of Portable Buildings

Basically, there are two types of portable structures. They are:

• Portable modular buildings

• Portable commercial buildings

Portable Modular Buildings

These are made from many different prefabricated components that are assembled onsite. All the components of these structures are manufactured in a factory environment unlike traditional structures where parts are sourced from different places.

Like a regular permanent home, a modular home has all the necessary amenities and components that should be found in a home. These include floor tiles, walls, windows, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems. In simpler terms, one could describe a modular home as one that is pre-constructed in a factory.  

A modular structure is very versatile as it can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They may serve many different functions including, construction site accommodation, classrooms, and vacation homes, to mention a few. Although modular buildings are made to be temporary structures, they can as well be used as a permanent structure since they are made from durable, light-weight materials like aluminum or steel. Click here learn more about HVAC systems.

Portable Commercial Buildings

Unlike conventional buildings made from steel and concrete, these structures are extremely versatile as they can be made and repurposed to serve many different commercial functions. They could be used as offices, small convenience stores, manufacturing units, or warehouses; the possibilities are endless.

A portable commercial building is made to the specifications of the client so that it can serve the exact function for which it is built. Like a modular, all its components are prefabricated and made in a controlled factory environment.

In a way, having these may be more advantageous to having a conventional building. They not only have a structural advantage, they are way less expensive to build, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising quality. They are made from high-strength materials that can withstand just about any weather condition.

A portable commercial building may take half the time required to put up a traditional building. It can be transported and installed in any suitable location giving owners a greater value for their money.  Every design is tested to ensure they are error free before they are cleared for production. This way, buyers are certain they are getting the best. It is even more reassuring to know that manufacturers ensure every process follows government issued construction standards.


The cost of owning one of these mobile structures depends on several factors including:

• Building material

• Size

• Design

• Options

• Quality

For small prefab structures, one should expect to pay around $800 to have the whole thing built. Additional charges may surface from installation, so you may want to make sure you know what that is like so as to plan accordingly. For larger, complex designs, prices may get as high as $8,000 or more depending on the level of customization you want. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inyjfMkq_VA to learn more about how prefab structures are built.


You don’t have to buy a portable house outrightly to own one. Some manufacturers offer a Rent-to-Own option that consumers can take advantage of. Customers can pay as low as $85 a month and automatically own the building once they make their final payment.

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