The Safest Choice for your staircase: Glass Railings

Aren’t you sick of the same old boring staircase designs that make your home look bland? Well, say no to all boring designs and install glass railings because this is going to be an ultimate game-changer. Make your home beautiful, modern and classy with these railings that express a tinge of your immaculate taste. Do not wait anymore and renovate your homes with the best of the railings made of glass. We bet; it is nothing that you have imagined something bad about it. Want to know more about glass railings? Keep reading!

Top reasons for choosing glass railings on stairs

● Add Versatile in your space

These railings are as versatile as you can imagine. You can choose any design in railings made of glass for staircases and we promise that each one of them will look equally elegant. These railings made of glass allow you to experiment with different textures and colors. From tinted glass railings to frosted one, each one creates a unique look for your staircase. You can collect all the information on various designs, sizes, and types of glass and other features of FGM stair railing.

● Spacious Bright Look

If you have a quest for minimalistic interior of the modern day, installing a glass stair railing is your best bet. This railing adds that oomph factor to your house without overdoing it. Similarly, help to see beyond the railing too. So, if you like to decorate the wall adjacent to the staircase, do it without any trouble. Yes! You heard us right! A glass railing looks beautiful on its own and accentuates the beauty of the wall décor too. So, get ready for a clear, transparent and beautiful way as you look through your staircase.

● Ultimate protection

What is better than the combination of protection with beauty? Glass stair railings are similar in this case. They allow you to protect yourselves and your children from falling off the stairs while providing a beautiful outlook. Especially, if you have small children at home, glass railings are a must-have. After all, these railings are strong.

Is it Safe to use Glass Stair Railings?

Believe it or not, these railings are absolutely safe. These railings are made of top-notch glass quality that is thick and sturdy. This glass can withstand most pressures and does not break into sharp pieces when shattered. Trust us; these stair railings are anything but delicate. In fact, surprisingly such types of railings are as durable as most other materials. So, using such railings

at home is a viable option. No more breakage hassles and maintenance issues are associated with these railings. Isn’t it amazing how railings made of glass do not require the same level of extensive maintenance like traditional wood or aluminum stair railings? Free from the hassles of cleaning blues and these stair railings made of glass because all they need is a glass cleaner and soft piece of cloth. And Voila! Your glass stair railing is ready to rock and roll!

Various Glass Stair Railing Options to Choose From

Worried about the right kind of stair railings made of glass? Well, do not worry anymore because there are so many different options to choose from. Let us explore the best kinds of these stair railings.

● Framed vs frameless glass stair railing

Frameless glass is an absolute delight for all those seeking to utilize their space to the maximum. Want to flaunt all the décor and paintings used to embellish your home? Fellas! A frameless choice is a dream come true.  Add a sophisticated touch to your home with the frameless glass when choosing stair railings and make everyone go Ga-Ga over it. Sounds exciting, right?

Framed glass stair railings have an aura of their own. These are the most common forms of railings and are readily available at affordable prices. Truly, framed glass is an apt option for amplified safety. And of course, experiment with aluminum, steel and other frames. However, if you are looking for a clear view, this might not be the right option for you.

● Tempered vs Laminated glass stair railing

A tempered glass railing is super strong and sturdy because of a continual process of heating and cooling. This process makes the glass durable and super hard to break. Tempered glass is ideal for commercial as well as personal use because it has fewer chances of breaking and breaks only as a spider web, preventing injuries at all.

A laminated glass stair railing is known as the “glass sandwich” which has vinyl placed between two glass pieces. The layering makes a laminated glass which is robust enough to withstand most pressures. Yet, laminated glass railings are mostly used indoors because they may decay quicker relative to other traditional railings.

So, whether you use tempered or laminated glass, frame or frameless glass, these railings are the best way to enhance the ambiance of your home. So, order yours and renovate now!

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