What Exactly Do You Require in a Sprinkler System?

Sprinkler systems are delivering excellent overall assistance to us with keeping our gardens in good condition. However, understanding the functionality delivered by a sprinkler system can be quite overwhelming. That’s because numerous components are attached to a sprinkler system, and you will have to go through a difficult time to understand the functionality delivered. That’s where we thought of providing a clear overview of a sprinkler systems near me.

The following are the most prominent parts, which make up a sprinkler system.

• Backflow preventer  

Sprinkler systems are designed to distribute water only in a single direction. Hence, it is important to prevent the backflow of water. In order to ensure this functionality, you will be able to find how backflow preventers are introduced to sprinkler systems available. In fact, the backflow preventer will make sure that no contaminated water will travel back and spoil the clean supply of water you have. People often tend to turn on the functionality of the backflow preventer during the spring season, especially when the sprinkler system is turned off.

• Valve box  

The valve box is another key component that you can find in the sprinkler system. The valves of the sprinkler are usually located above the ground. You will be able to find such valve boxes across the perimeter of the house as well. You will find it an easy task to access them and take control of the valves as well.

• Manifold  

The manifold is responsible for distributing water into the valves. They are connected individually. A manifold is a white-colored tube, which is branching off from a singular tube. If you have a large garden, you will have a higher number of valves. Hence, you will be able to find a bigger manifold.

• Pump control valve  

The pump control valve is in a position to provide excellent regulation capabilities to the shutdown and startup of the flow of water. This is done with the objective of minimizing the overall hydraulic surges that can take place.

• Master valve  

The master valve in your sprinkler system is an electronically powered valve. You can find this valve located near the main water supply. The master valve has the ability to provide excellent assistance to you with reducing the loss of water due to the presence of a leaky station valve. Therefore, it will be able to retain pressure at all times.

Along with time, you can come across, causing damages to the main irrigation system. In such a situation, the master valve will be able to deliver great assistance to you by taking control of the supply of water.  

The electronic master valves can be used as zone valves. They are usually installed upstream within the mainline.  

• Electric Solenoid Valves

The Electric Solenoid Valves in your sprinkler system is delivering their functionality via a 24V power supply obtained from the controller. Once you turn the valve on, the supply of current will be sent to the solenoid. When you take a look at the solenoid, you will notice that it comes with two different wire leads, which are extending out of it.

One of these wire leads is attached to hot wire. It is receiving a 24V power supply from the controller. The other one is attached to a standard wire. It is functioning as the return or neutral wire. The common wire is connected to every single valve located in the sprinkler system as well.  

• Lawn nozzles  

Lawn nozzles are the most prominent part that you can find in your sprinkler system. Even if you can find a large number of components attached to the sprinkler system, only a few of them are visible outside. Out of them, the sprinkler system is the most prominent.  

Sprinkler heads that you can find in the sprinkler system can be divided into three different categories. This categorization takes place based on the average precipitation emitted by them. This will be calculated based on inches per hour.  

Now you have a clear understanding of the different components, which are responsible for the buildup of the sprinkler system that you have at home. You can even use this knowledge to repair the issues that you will come across in the sprinkler system as well. Hence, you will be able to secure receiving a convenient experience out of it at all times.  

Go ahead and invest in buying the best sprinkler system while keeping these details in mind. Then you can make an informed decision.

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