Why and When to Call on Leak Detection Service Providers

There has been technological advancement in pretty much every area. The plumbing industry is one of
the beneficiaries and this is important as finding out the source of problems is a lot easier these days.
Things are a lot better than those days when professionals had to use trial and error approaches to figure
out what went wrong. This meant that time was wasted and it was far from an economical approach.
Well, the science behind technological advancement in leak detection services is largely to thank for all
these. The use of tracer gas, thermal imaging, acoustic readings, and moisture meter are some of the
ways effective leak detection is now possible and made easy. For more information about this, you can
read this.

Service providers in the plumbing and specifically – leak detection business; use these methods and
more to figure out problems as well as offer solutions. However, you need to reach out to them on time.
This is because things can become more severe if you leave it in a bad state for long.
This also means that you need to be able to identify when there is a problem. This article will help out in
this regard. But before then, let us discuss why making the most of leak detection services is important
when the need arises.

The Importance of Leak Detection Services

There are several reasons why what these service providers offers is essential and some of them include
the following:

There was a time when figuring out the source of the leak was a very daunting task. This is because
professionals back then had to rely on previous experiences or try out several things. This often ends up
wasting time but this is not the case right now. This is as long as you hire a capable company to help out.
The more annoying thing at that time was that billable hours were charged by service providers and
clients were at the receiving end. They had to foot the bill until the problem was identified and
eventually solved. Well, it is a lot more cost-effective thanks to technological advancement in this field.
Quick Results
Diagnosing the source of the problem is a crucial part of plumbing at large. This is because a problem
that is not properly known cannot be properly solved.
And about that, you should know that the technologies employed by these service providers help to
properly figure out the problem. This way the solution can be offered and all these happen promptly.
Fewer Complications
Since the problem is properly identified and eventually resolved, the chances of complications arising
any further are null. This is something that was not guaranteed those periods before technological
advancement made things this easy.
It is for this reason and more that you should not hesitate to hire leak detection service providers when
the need arises. You must also be deliberate about hiring capable ones as this is equally important.

When You Should Hire Leak Detection Service Providers

Some plumbing problems (especially leakages) tend to degenerate into something more severe if not
addressed on time. This is why you should not turn a blind eye to them even in their mild state.
This also means that you should know those signs that suggest it is time to reach out to a leak detection
company. Some of these signs include the following:
Sudden Increase in Water Charges
It is explainable if you have more people using water and the charges increase. This is expected but the
same cannot be said if there is a rise in the charges that you cannot account for. This might be a red flag

and you should call on these professionals to find out what the problem is.
You do not have to wait for visible signs of a leak to be seen before you take this step. This is also to
avoid things becoming more severe as explained above. This also explains why you need to be very
observant. You need to know the average water charges to know if there is a cause for concern.
Discoloration in Your Wall and/or Moisture Stain
You probably are aware that there are plumbing channels that pass through your walls. These are
especially the channels that supply water to your faucets, shower, and several other outlets all around
the house.
There is the possibility that the channels that pass through your walls are compromised. This is
regardless of how slim the chances are.
One of the signs would be discoloration of your wall or moisture stain if/when this happens. So, you
should not take this lightly by reaching out to these professionals as soon as possible.
Sound but no Sight
You might not see a leak but may hear the sound of rushing water. This is even when all the faucets and
water outlets are off.
This likely proves that there is a leakage somewhere. You should not take this lightly but reach out to
these professionals and have them find out the problem on time.
Presence of Water without a Visible Source
People seem to take this seriously if it happens inside the house. However, there is the tendency to make
light of the situation if this happens outside. This should not be the case as it could suggest there is a
leakage in the plumbing network somewhere.

Irregular Plant Growth

You should start seeking answers from a leak detection company if you have irregular plant growth
outdoors. This is especially if one part seems a lot moister than other areas. This could be because the
pipe underneath has come under intense pressure and given in by leaking.
You would know if this is the case and how to solve it by reaching out to these professionals for help.
They would be able to use the appropriate technology to detect the problem and offer solutions.


Several signs suggest that there is a leakage in your plumbing system. We have discussed some but for
more on this subject, you can watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmNPWf8siHk
Calling on these professionals to find out exactly the problem is the right thing to do. You also need to
get capable service providers to help out with this. As stressed in this article, this should be your
approach from now on.

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