Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

It seems that more and more people are starting to consider themselves design savvy these days. The advent of Instagram and Pinterest has turned everyone into a home design savant. But the process of actual interior designing is extremely detailed. It takes years of studying spaces and materials (not to mention an actual degree) to become an expert in this field. It’s not something that an amateur or beginner can handle.

Experimenting is always good, but not with things that require a professional touch. So, if you’re thinking about taking an entire home renovation/remodel on your own – think again. In the meanwhile, here are a few reasons on why you should hire a professional interior designer:

The right design process

Every interior designer in the field has a process. No one simply takes a look at a corner, decides they want to hack of half a wall, and go for it without any preamble. When you hire a designer, you hire yourself a fool-proof road to a successful renovation. There are minimal hiccups down the road. They start with an initial discussion to get a feel for what you want. This proceeds to the development of a mood-board. Then comes the furniture and layout plan. The construction and execution comes after. This design process minimizes mistakes. It helps pin the finger on what you, as the client, visualized and how it can be best realized.

Precise space management

Interior designing requires working with small spaces. It’s imperative to make efficient work of difficult spaces. A good interior designer can help you do all that and more. We, at Hibou Design & Co. help our clients tackle this challenge by recommending properly scaled furniture, relevant accessories, and the right color schemes. There are a thousand little details that can ruin the end results of a space. A good designer can help you get through this process with panache. They measure, plan, and carefully choose everything so that you don’t fall victim to costly mistakes.

Great material & furniture sources

Every interior designer worth their salt has an extensive database of furniture and material sources. It’s usually categorized based on budgeting, delivery, and designs. Taking advantage of these sources is the biggest benefit of hiring a designer. Most of them have trade accounts with manufacturers. This means that they can get you discounts on designer merchandise. Even 10% is better than nothing at all.

A cost-efficient theme

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an interior designer is having someone else harboring a head-ache over your budget. They can recommend a cost-efficient theme for your projects. You might have been thinking intricate classical, but classic minimalism might not bust your budget. They can also help you select less expensive materials. They’re well-versed in replacements (marble vs. porcelain) and know where you can cut costs without any future blow-backs.

So, these are some of the mainstream reasons that you should hire an interior designer. You simply have to convey your ideas, sit back, and go through minimal hassle during the whole process.

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