Why Painting Your Home One Color Is A Terrible Idea

There are many ideas going around that painting your entire house one color is a  good thing. It’s also believed that choosing a neutral color scheme is an easy and safe choice. This can be very easy to believe, it’s easier, cheaper, and is the safe route.

Here’s why this is a terrible idea:

For starters, painting every room one color (especially white) will look completely different than what it’s supposed to look like. There are many factors that will change the look such as reflections, shadows, and lighting.

Adding on to that, one colored wall will be very bland and dull. Instead, pick colors that have a little pop but not too crazy. Lighter colors provide happiness, less stress, and warmth. Although one colored home seems easy and great, it’s really just a myth.

The Myth Of One Color Homes

It is believed that painting a house one color is a great idea. It’s understandable because it’s easier, cheaper, and quicker. It makes sense that one color would create a nice flow between rooms right?


The colors of a room will never truly look at how they are supposed to. This will take away the “flow”. Giving each room a unique color will make it feel warm, inviting, and special.

Professional painters will push this myth of “one color” because it’s a lot cheaper and easier to do. Simply because it’s “one color”. They paint can say it’s the same color but once applied it will change the whole look mainly due to lighting. This can have a major effect on your daily life.

The Color Of A Room Will Change Your Mood

Weirdly enough colors actually have a pretty large impact on your life. For example, darker colors will naturally make you sadder while lighter colors make you feel happier. It even goes into exact colors:

Red: Passionate and Energized
Yellow: Happy and Spontaneous
Blue: Safe and Relaxed

Truth is, if you surround yourself with darker colors everywhere in your house, naturally it’ll result in sadness. But if you go with a lighter, more fun color, it will result in more happiness and it could be the perfect motivation to get stuff done!

If color matters this much, then what should you do?

Well, happiness is most important and not everyone might agree that red makes them feel passionate and energized. But now that there’s a general emotion to color connection. Go with a color that will bring warmth, happiness, and passion to the room.

The Best Colors To Paint Your House

Picking the perfect paint can be stressful. But it can actually be pretty easy. For starters it’s important to start with inspiration – Look up some photos that closely relate to the room and find a color you like!

It’s important to decide where the attention in the room will go (Furniture or walls). So if you have neutral-colored furniture, go big with a nice colored wall. If you have a bright red couch it might not be the best decision to get a crazy colored wall. Here’s a list of go-to colors:

Relaxing Gray
Light/Navy Rooms (depends on what room – don’t go too dark)
Sage Green
Red (Great for accent walls)

Here are some not-so-great options:

Dark Brown
Lime Green
Black (Never paint black)

Each room is different and will get different looks. Have fun with it, make every room special and tie it all together instead of just using one color.

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

A lot can go wrong when painting an entire house. There’s money, time, and the end result on the line. Picking the wrong paint or making a mess are two of the biggest worries.

Here are a few tips to help you keep calm and make your room a masterpiece.

Light will change throughout the day so be sure you love the color for the majority of the day. It’s even smart to paint a big spot on your way to see how you will like it. It might look bad for a bit, but you’ll cover it up soon enough! Moving on, it’s important to keep the furniture colors in mind. You don’t want a green lamp with a blue couch, then just throw up some red paint on the walls.

Keep everything tied together but not just one single color.

Depending on your style, don’t go too bright with colors. Going bold is great and truly expresses your style but keeps the shade dustier rather than a bright color.

The most important mistake to avoid is:

Stay away from one colored home – especially white.

Final Thoughts

Painting a house can be scary but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. Stick to the safe neutral colors while exploring fun colors. But no matter what you do, just avoid painting your house all one color.

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