How to Beautifully Incorporate Nature Into Your Interiors

There is nothing more inviting than a space that has a healthy dose of greenery, with these natural touches greeting us every morning and slowly growing with the right amount of love and attention. Despite the huge trend of indoor plants and natural accents, there are many that still need some guidance on how to incorporate nature into the interiors, so let’s go over some tips and tricks today so that you can better highlight your home and make a bigger impact.

Lighting plays a big part
The buck stops with what lighting is available to you in your home, as limited or artificial light is not going to make your plants and natural touches look as special, if they are spotted and noticed at all. Adding skylights in Sydney are going to go a long way in providing a central source of light, and you won’t have to fuss over afternoon or morning sun, as you will have a consistent stream all day long. Skylights also solve the problem of locating a spot to have your plants so that they get the right amount of light for their health, which is going to give your greater freedom in positioning them all around your home and not just on your window sill.

Consider a vertical garden
Vertical gardens might appear to be hard work, but their maintenance couldn’t be easier, and they bring  such a calming atmosphere for your home. Depending on the provider of choice, you can choose hardy plants and flowers, or you can incorporate some seasonal ones that might bloom at different times of the year. Your vertical garden is going to be the focal part of the room, so think deeply about which room could use the natural touch, and which room will overpower your fantastic green wall. If you are up for the challenge, you can attempt a DIY vertical garden and get your creative juices flowing.

Extend on your already established colour palette
Homemakers can run into trouble when they introduce too many new colours to their interiors through their plants, and all it does is cause visual clutter which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. If you have an already established colour palette at home, start to weave that into your choice of plants and flowers, and if this isn’t possible then don’t be afraid to only have greenery – as less is more and this can be much more appealing than too many colourful indoor blooms. It’s also an idea to position these plants in areas that might actually be lacking colour, such as a white wall or a plain, one-tone table. When you introduce plants into the home, you will start to rearrange them quite frequently, so don’t feel too married to your choice and position!

Natural furniture
Natural interiors are not only plants, but they can also be furniture and other accents pieces in your home. Instead of buying a manicured dining or coffee table, why not consider a slab of rosewood tree that can be the centrepiece of your home? Wood accents really add some warmth to a home, and they can offset any other texture and material found in your interiors. Distressed hardwood floors are another nice touch that gives your home a natural injection, making them appear as if they are naturally occurring within your home. If your property is positioned by the water, you might prefer to bring some shells and dried coral to your home.


Now that you are thinking creatively about how you can incorporate nature into your interiors, get some inspirations from Pinterest and some lifestyle magazines too. Home interiors are an ongoing project, so tweak and perfect as you go.

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